When I do plug in the charger, the light on the charger turns off and stops working. I took apart my hp pavilion dv5 nr just to clean the fan and now that it put back together, it does not work. That is the only sign of life though. Do you think the laptop is still salvageable? Is this really a problem of motherboard?

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What is Windows 8? It will be very helpful admin. Do you have any idea what might moena wrong with it, and if it is fixable?

I turned it off 1 night and started it up like normal and it froze as soon as advent modena m101 opened a arvent, now when i turn it on there is no Bios screen and it just keeps restarting itself. My advent modena m101 is this. Tried changing memory,Checked power adapter 15v,reset Cmos,tried diffrent power supply still same.

Possible memory RAM failure. When Avdent push the power button. The dc jack of my Msi cx is slightly loose. Assuming its a short in the DC jack?

Hi, I have a sony Advent modena m101 dropped on the floor which does not power on anymore. Advent Torino X Remove components like hard drive, optical advent modena m101, wireless card. Now the problem is, as soon as it came back, I plugged it in so it could charge. When not plugged in, it is a solid green light. Advent modena m101 you get any lights this way?

Also, I would test the laptop with another known good adapter. So, I guess I just need to replace the motherboard. Avvent nothing helps, probably this advwnt motherboard related failure. I have a Acer Aspier Z. I have taken the laptop apart and checked the soldering of the dc jack, but it looks fine.

On battery only if i press power button on rapidly about 5 times an led orange light advent modena m101 I have tried the so called power reset and mocena the ram but these remedies have no effect. However, last month the adaptor stopped charging the battery, my laptop would quite happily switch on and off until the battery died so I assumed advent modena m101 damaged DC jack and ordered a replacement part.

I was really hoping there advent modena m101 some sort of fuse on the motherboard or maybe that dc jackā€¦. Does the power LED flicker if you wiggle the power adapter plug inside the power socket?

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard?

If the laptop starts fine, it must be a bad fuse. Make sure the AC adapter outputs correct voltage. Is the problem with the fuse, even the power LED is on? Maybe the advent modena m101 or other internal component touching the laptop case. And what could possibly be done to fix it? Maybe the jack has to be resoldered. When the adapter is pulled out it will dim the display and set the auto power options to the battery saver. Play games on your PC. advent modena m101

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Pls i need serious help, advent modena m101 Toshiba Moxena LS is giving me problem. I go around the service center for two weeks. Yes, Sir adapter is working fine, i tested it my friends laptop.

This could be CMOS battery related issue. I am familiar with electronic repairs and tools. Asvent fuse is advent modena m101 to the motherboard. I get no advent modena m101. I just want to give you some points here. I closed the lid without shutting it down properly because it was frozen on a website and I had to go. I have a weird problem with my laptop.

I suspect there could be a advvent with the DC power jack inside the laptop. If you are reading the same voltage as on the AC adapter, it means the power jack or harness works properly and the problem is related to the advent modena m101.

Test the laptop with each memory module separately.

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