The RSC cable is defective. Where is the Main Index page of the old Woody’s Lounge? Set shield plate A on the two projections on the body cover. At this time, the two cams and springs below the eject roller rotate the eject roller in direction “K” to eject the tape that has been held in place. Data reception standby mode. Half cutting is performed only for laminated tapes. When a laminated tape cassette is mounted, the sandwiched laminated tape, adhesive base tape, and ink ribbon will be advanced together.

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This forms a character having no gap between adjacent printed dots.

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The cassette sensor assy is defective. This circuit contains a When it switches to low, brother pt 9200pc motor brake is applied. Projection “A” which is 9200lc on cam “G” of the eject roller unit operates the eject roller unit to pivot it around shaft “H”.

With one of the hooks of the roller brother pt 9200pc release spring inserted into the groove in the roller holder, insert the platen shaft at the top of the roller p assy, into the slit at the top of the head assy, while tilting the roller holder assy. NO Connect the DC motor cable correctly.

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brother pt 9200pc Body cover Cover lock spring Cover lock button Fig. I had a similar issue with a older HP printer. At this time, the sensor input level switches from low to high.

The inlet has a total of three wires, one of which is for grounding, and the other two are for inputting AC voltage into the power supply PCB. Upon completion brother pt 9200pc the cutting of the tape by the cutter, released cam “G” causes the spring to slide the eject roller unit in direction “J”.

When the stamp is pressed against the ink-pad, it will absorb ink through the pores. If the sensor input level is low for msec with the brake applied when the above operations are repeated, brother pt 9200pc cutter is judged as returned to the home position, completing the operations. Stationary roller unit Cutter helical gear Fig.

The thermal head contains heating elements vertically arranged. Silicone grease G Backlash on the motor gear should be 0. Upon completion of printing and tape feeding to operate the cutter mechanism, the cutter helical gear rotates counterclockwise, as described in Subsection 2. The DC brother pt 9200pc assy is defective.

Half cutter motor assy Apply the grease here. This retracts the roller holder assy from the thermal head, providing you with enough space to replace the tape brother pt 9200pc.

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The size of one heating element is 0. The roller holder assy incorporates the platen holder and the sub roller holder.

Observe the colors of their harnesses half cutter sensor harness: At this time, take care not to damage the motor worm gear. IV -6 [8] Half-cut is not possible.

Backlash on the motor gear should be 0. Then, insert the shaft at the bottom into the slit at the bottom of the head assy to set the roller holder assy.

The time now is Set shield plate A on the two projections on brother pt 9200pc body cover. If the backlash is greater than this range, remove the two screws of the brother pt 9200pc cutter motor and adjust the backlash correctly.

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Two screws Tape feed motor brother pt 9200pc Main frame Fig. The through-up pulses including pre-excitation and through-down pulses including post-excitation are 56 and 5 pulses, brothher.

The electronic part consists of the following components. Replace the main PCB assy. CPU 5 MM8 i:

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