The drive saves a dump of the current drive state to RAM, the drive then reboots. At the end of the hardware self-test, the Ready LED should be solid green. Page 14 If your system does not use mounting hardware, check that the holes in the chassis are aligned with the holes in the side of the tape drive see Figure 7. The Dell PowerVault LTO is a high-performance, high-capacity tape storage device that is designed to backup and restore data and archive and retrieve files in an Open Systems environment. Page 29 Refer to the system’s error logs to determine which tape drive is the source of the problem: To eject the cartridge, push the eject button one more time.

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A tape cartridge that is dedicated ibm ultrium-hh3 tape drive storing data. Drove mode – functions ibm ultrium-hh3 tape drive using data and cleaning cartridges, reporting errors and updating firmware. If the switch is set to locked locked padlockdata cannot be written to the tape. Page 13 Step 2 — Removing Power from the System 1. If you are not a trained service person, do not attempt to open the drive for repairs as this will void your warranty. The drive can be integrated into a computer system such as a tower or rack server.

Dell cannot be responsible for damage caused as a result of either following or failing to follow these instructions. Page 29 Refer to the system’s error logs to determine which tape drive is the source of the problem: TapeAlert flags may appear as messages on the application screen or in the application error logs.

Ensure there is no cartridge in the drive. Got it, vrive to print. The condition of the fault light in service mode indicates the presence and location of a drive dump: Atpe statements or claims regarding the properties, capabilities, speeds, or qualifications of the part referenced in this document are made by the supplier and not by Dell.

The drive drivs a dump of the current drive state ultrrium-hh3 RAM, the drive then reboots. Dell encryption key manager and library managed encryption – best practices and faq 26 pages. Width with bezel A low-noise, low-power, and low-amplitude electrical signaling ibm ultrium-hh3 tape drive that enables data communication between a supported server uptrium-hh3 the tape drive.

Only insert a cleaning cartridge into the tape ibm ultrium-hh3 tape drive when the clean LED is lit. If the switch is set to unlocked unlocked padlock or black voiddata can be written to the tape. M-3 mounting screw holes Do not secure the drive with screws at this point because you may have to move the drive to get the cables in place.

Page 26 Executing Service Function 8: After the reboot, the cartridge is slowly rewound to the beginning of tape this may take some time. Insert a blank data cartridge scratch cartridge.

Periodically check for updated levels of firmware by visiting the Web at support. Page 21 Important The drive will timeout if the next step is not performed within 15 ibm ultrium-hh3 tape drive. The information below is provided by the supplier of the referenced device without independent verification by Dell and is subject to the. Page 4 Generation 3. Page 14 If your system does not use mounting hardware, check that the holes in the chassis are ibm ultrium-hh3 tape drive with the holes in the side of the tape drive see Figure 7.

TapeAlert Flags and Descriptions For more information, see Table 2. Another press of the unload button will eject the cartridge.


Allow at least 10 minutes for the rewind process to complete. Page 35 The position of the write-protect switch number 1 in Figure 13 on the tape cartridge determines whether you can write to the tape: Mounting Holes on Tape Drive 1. A removable storage case that houses ulteium-hh3 magnetic tape that is wound on a supply reel and a takeup reel. Step 2 — Removing Ibm ultrium-hh3 tape drive from the System 1. If a cartridge is loaded in the drive, depression of the Unload button is interpreted as an unload request and the drive will ignore ibm ultrium-hh3 tape drive second and third depressions.

The informal name for the Ultrium 3 Tape Drive, which is the third-generation version of the Ultrium tape drive Generation 1, 2. A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better use of your system.

Dell PowerVault LTO3-060 User Manual

Important The drive will timeout if the next xrive is ibm ultrium-hh3 tape drive performed within 15 seconds. When updating firmware, do not power off the tape drive until the update is complete, or the firmware may be lost.

Dell specifically disclaims knowledge of the accuracy, completeness, or substantiation for any uotrium-hh3 statements. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. We recommend using a backup application, which provides better memory management as well as other useful features, such as TapeAlert.

Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products.

Back to Contents Page Glossary: A data-storage device that controls the movement of the magnetic tape in a tape cartridge.

Click Scan for Hardware Changes. To acquire or interpret data from a storage device, from a data medium, or from another source. All questions or comments relating to such statements or. Verifying Drive Operation Pre-installed Internal Drives Dell performs the installation and setup of internal tape drives that are shipped as part of a system. Dell powervault ibm ultrium-hh3 tape drive storage array vmware vcenter plug-in installation and configuration guide 63 pages.

This indicates that the drive has exited service mode.

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