Think metals are rigid? The rear tire is limited to inches in width. Many assume welding crankpin to flywheels fixes this, but 1 welds in high-carbon steel are brittle; and 2 welding heat relaxes the crankpin press fit. With weight a critical factor in Pro Stock Motorcycle racing, a lightweight rider provides a distinct advantage and most current riders weigh pounds or less. Every time a cam lobe lifts its tappet, the force is greater than the weight of a four-door sedan. Retrieved 6 November The new forged one-piece crank eliminates this.

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Riders shift the bike nhra pro stock motorcycle the use of a pneumatic air shifter, which is activated by a button mounted to the handle bars. Any problems with such giant bores?

The first female driver in this category is Vicki Farr; the first officially licensed driver is Stephanie Reaves, as well dtock first to qualify at a NHRA National Event, and the best known female face in this category is Angelle Sampey Seelingnhra pro stock motorcycle set a national record 7. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This gave it four geared-together individual motorcgcle just like a Sportster, driven by an intermediate gear meshing with the timing pinion on the crankshaft and the intake cam gear of the number two cylinder.

Nhra pro stock motorcycle to visualize the compressed mixture, motorcyvle out of the squish zones as a piston approaches TDC. Views Read Edit View history. Once again, the chassis is constructed from chome moly steel and it is wrapped in nhra pro stock motorcycle fiberglass or carbon fiber body that resembles a Suzuki, Kawasaki, Harley-Davidson or Buell. Motorcycle drag racing Racing car classes Motorcycle racing stubs. The class jhra also featured several successful female racers including three-time champion Angelle Sampey, and national event winners Karen Stoffer, and Peggy Llewellyn.

The rear tire is limited to inches in width.

Inside the S&S Cycle Polaris Pro Stock Motorcycle Drag-Racing Engine

A Pro Stock Motorcycle can weigh as little as nhra pro stock motorcycle with rider and can achieve speeds in the high mph range. Follow us email facebook twitter instagram Google Plus pinterest tumblr youTube. It is connected to the rear sprocket via a chain. Formula 1 piston speeds and those great, big slugs require stoutness and consistency not provided by titanium.

Nhrz new forged one-piece crank eliminates this. Steel connecting rods run side by side on the crankpin. Nhra pro stock motorcycle parachutes are not used, an effective braking system is critical to slow the bike pgo near mph top speeds. Many assume welding crankpin to flywheels fixes this, but 1 welds in high-carbon steel are brittle; and 2 welding heat relaxes the crankpin press fit.

Separate cylinders—at first stoco, then nhra pro stock motorcycle the giant pistons. Piston speed is above Formula 1 level 6, versus 5, feet per minute. Schulz also won six NHRA championships during his storied career. Therefore they applied to NHRA to be allowed a basic redesign.

The class has for years been dominated by inline-4 cylinder Suzuki based bikes but in recent years Harley-Davidson based [ dubious — discuss ] V-twin machines have become more competitive due to favorable rule changes c.

Eddie Krawiec holds the speed record with a Pro Stock Motorcycleformerly known as Pro Stock Bike is a motorcycle drag racing class that is nhra pro stock motorcycle two-wheeled equivalent of Pro Stock.

It is also not uncommon for the front tire to smoke omtorcycle it finally returns to the race track, similar to a jet plane landing. Big forces require such big rockers and rocker stands.

Pro Stock Motorcycle |

For maximum rigidity, the cylinders are now integral with the upper nhra pro stock motorcycle, with removable ductile iron liners. This force motoorcycle them into springs. Each body must follow an NHRA approved template, which is used to make sure each model maintains a reasonably stock appearance.

When you stack springs this way and pound large cyclic forces through them, resonance may develop, building up to complete failure. Skip to main content. The rear is solid mounted, and the chassis includes a front fork assembly, a swing arm, a fuel tank nhra pro stock motorcycle.

Each combination is assigned a different weight break in an attempt to achieve parity in the class. Nhra pro stock motorcycle add the force required to accelerate those giant valves up off their seats and you can see that big stuff happens in the timing case, thrust up through the pushrods to the rockers.

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