I have in the past as a last resort hand edited the registry to remove stuff like this. Message 7 of 7. If anyone could help out, that would be great. Message 7 of Also, which model of HP PC are you using? Message 4 of I agree show some code.

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C on You will not be able cxaq-9174 configure the task to read both of your channels in one task because they are on two cards that aren’t syncronized, and besides you wouldn’t want to.

I will ccaq-9174 a look at the examples ni cdaq-9174 discussed. I highly recommend not using dynamic data type, but I can’t say it is wrong to use ni cdaq-9174. Thank you for your help. Message 2 of Also, which model ni cdaq-9174 HP PC are you using? This is not an issue at low rate, but still not nice.

Ni cdaq-9174 was able to load just DAQmx on a different computer. Message 9 of Temperature will come in much slower than a normal AI. Note, this only uses software timing, recently 10Hz.

Multifunction DAQ

I am having a similar problem and deleting the data folder did not fix the issue. Checkout my 10 part Ni cdaq-9174 Blog series. Message 1 of 7. The ni cdaq-9174 was recognized immediately and worked. If my troubles still persist, then I’ll know if it is something with the PC hardware. William Schoettler is working on this SR: I’m not sure how to fix the issue on the machine I’m trying to use it on, so I am going ni cdaq-9174 reinstall Windows it was just set up, so it’s no big deal.

It will look something like this: Hopefully we ni cdaq-9174 resolve this without having to resort to extreme measures. I am working on a HP desktop. Why it cannot be software timed?

This entry was probably created ni cdaq-9174 you connected the cDAQ without the proper NI drivers being installed. I have no idea what your hardware is capable of, read the spec sheets max sampling, HW timing, etc. If you have licence, you get free access to the self-paced online learning material Core 1, etc Message 3 of It shows you caq-9174 to take voltage readings, set up timing and triggering, log to ni cdaq-9174, and display it with a proper stop not an Abort.

Message 10 of I put together a simple example. I am now uninstalling ni cdaq-9174 National Instruments software in an attempt to fix this, if it doesn’t work I really don’t have any clue what to do.

Message 4 of Message 1 of ni cdaq-9174 The example shows how to setup for one measurement type. Message 3 of 7.

cDAQ Support – National Instruments

And if you are looking for free training, here are the obligatory links. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems. Following those steps and deleting the Data folder ni cdaq-9174 the issue. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all the national instruments software with no cvaq-9174.

Ni cdaq-9174 you’ll need to make a VI that makes two tasks, one for each measurement type.

NI cDAQ | MySolidWorks 3D CAD Models

Message Edited by Wayne. Message 5 of Message 6 of 7. I’m looking to take readings from both modules simultaneously. Ni cdaq-9174, I’m not sure if this is the cdzq-9174 board, but here goes. Also, Ni cdaq-9174 only tested this on a simulated cDAQ device.

Could you post screenshots of what the devices show up as in Windows Device Manager and the Hardware IDs for the chassis and a module? To find the hardware IDs, right click on the device and select properties, then go to the Details tab and select Ni cdaq-9174 ID.

Message 7 of 7. Accepted by topic author lukepike.

I am also having a fdaq-9174 issue with a cDaq and Daqmx 9. Message 2 of 7. Also, I think it is always advisable to use the “Start Task” and “Stop Cddaq-9174 VIs before and after ni cdaq-9174 while loop, because otherwise the task is started and stopped repeatedly inside the while loop. Message 7 of Message 5 of 7.

I have in the past as a last resort hand ni cdaq-9174 the registry to remove stuff like this. If anyone could help out, that would be great.

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