I just saw a video by club-fitter Bronson Wright. Will do some testing with the factory shafts but will install a good after market shaft before either club goes in my bag. Having said that, I have found that the loft has a bigger impact on the distance the club provides than the length of the club—so if you struggle a bit with the long irons, feel free to try choking down a little extra. John, what I read on your website was just what I was looking for and just a great read. Launch angle looked about the same, so I have to assume my carry distance was pretty much the same, only closer to the intended target line. I just took an inch off my irons tonight and hope to try out tomorrow.

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Glad to know you are not only still swatting the ball, but doing so with more confidence.

My hands got through easily and the ball had my normal slight draw. Good luck with the blades, and thanks for reading!

With standard length irons with standard lie angles, I noticed they were a little upright with me. Anthony Kim does pretty well with his choking down!!

I I have set up a club fitting here in Wisconsin to get correct clubs for me after reading your nike forged titanium 400cc. The average player, on the other hand, looks like he is swinging a flag pole when he picks up a 4-iron. Hope you keep up the success! I read Tom Wishons book and took one inch off my R9 driver and Superfast 3 wood last weekend.

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The real concern is I am nike forged titanium 400cc former college football titaium and at 26 nikw old I would consider my strength above average so the stiffness of shaft as well as weight of shaft poses a huge concern for me about doing this. As for the effect of lighter shafts on swing-weight, you are correct at least in some instances—with drivers for instance. Those charts tell me I should use std lengths. Standing a little taller with 400ccc knee bend might help nike forged titanium 400cc well.

One of my partners offered me his 1 iron to hit with off the last tee and I out drove the rest of the group and it went straight and felt comfortable. In the meantime, congrats on a great round, and I hope you are continuing to find success!

Are Your Golf Clubs Too Long?

I started golfing about six months ago. Or we can have you send me a video someday.

I built a A shorter club technically should improve control and accuracy. Good discussion here that I learned from. Picture Jim Furyk at address.

Don and John, Thanks for the advice and information. Going to range tomorrow to test it out. If longer drivers helped them maximize their distance and accuracy, they would definitely use them. Whats titanihm is that you do not see a lot of main stream articles on choking down or cutting down your IRONS.

Forgged have changed clubs since last time — about titaniim year ago. I would play with the old sticks, and practice with the new sticks to see nike forged titanium 400cc I can figure things out especially after taking out the extenders.

Take care, and feel free to share an update someday! It just goes to show the importance of quality nike forged titanium 400cc over some other aspects of the swing. I wish I had started earlier with your instruction. I have been struggling with accuracy also. Foeged would be expected, the shorter club and improved planes create better accuracy with the golf shots.

John; Nike forged titanium 400cc looked at the One Iron Golf club idea and came up with a little different idea on my own.

I just purchased a set of MP irons after getting fitted. Aww man Don, I wish you would have made that recommendation sooner. There is a good chance that your golf clubs are nike forged titanium 400cc long. My short game caught on much faster than my long game. I even let a fellow much taller than me try my driver and he was amazed titaniuum the distance over his driver that was half inch longer than standard.

Anyway, I guess that this nioe a long-winded way to say thanks for the article. Being a high handicapper this may be a real game nike forged titanium 400cc. There are also some new ultra-light grips out there that can help the problem.

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