AttenMode must be set to Normal for this setting to apply. Pick your State and then click on a city Capture the data right off the website and place it into Scancat’s Upper Database Then, with little more than 5 or 6 mouse clicks, transfer the frequency information into the Master Data base. Trunking systems in general allocate and use fewer frequencies among many different users. Press F1 Save to save all trunking tables and exit. Noise threshold value for DSP. Use default 0 for automatic mode, which uses control channel information to determine when all current talkgroup information has been broadcast by the system. This tells the radio to alert on any SAME message with a location code that matches 48 for any county in Texas.

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Use for the normal Scan Lists. If the settings don’t work, you can reload your previous memory. Enter the lower frequency and press ENT. If you want to clear the existing character, place the cursor to the right of the character??

Color Here is where you customize the colors used to illuminate or flash the LED sgack certain objects are active.

The first digit in a FIPS code identifies the county subdivision, the next two digits identify the state, and the last three digits identify the county or parish. DIM Base Toggles the display brightness.

Trunkscanning is basically scanning IDs that are programmed into ID locations same concept as frequencies into channels. To view just unlocked channels press F2 until all -[lowercase] appears. I have formatted these pages so radio shack 20-047 you can view them with any monitor, in any browser Foxfire, Opera, I.

To set new password then press F1 Yes. Use default 0 for automatic radio shack 20-047, which uses control channel information to determine when all current talkgroup information has been broadcast by the system. Each of these controllers sends out a data burst approximately every 10 seconds so that the subscriber units know that the system is there. When set to ‘ On ‘, a delay is used to wait for reply traffic after a transmission according to the Delay Time setting for the object.

Once the low battery icon has been turned on, radio shack 20-047 voltage must rise above this level to turn it back radio shack 20-047 hysteresis.

Enter 30 – seconds. The lowercase ‘ l ‘ flashes in the display to show the object is temporarily radio shack 20-047 out. Factors like how busy the multi-site system is, how much traffic you want to listen to on that system, and how many other systems you want to listen to will determine the best way for you to setup each multi-site system. When Multi-Site is set to Stat stationary This setting determines how the scanner scans the control channels.

Used to navigate menus and objects in scan lists. Memory Backup – keeps the frequencies stored in radio shack 20-047 for an extended time if the radio loses power. LTR systems work a little differently.

Easier to Read Pro/// – WS/ – PSR / Digital Scanner Manual

Light Area HH only. Press SCAN to start scanning. Battery Info HH only.

Controls whether the Alert LED flashes or remains on solid at the beginning of each transmission or anytime the scanner stops on the object while scanning. ZM will show zeromatic tune thresholds?

External charger is strongly recommended. Click here to visit Scanner Master. If noise starts breaking the squelch, turn SQ up to decrease the scanner’s sensitivity.

Connecting scanners via USB

When you power off the radio it will revert to its set mode in the Light Radio shack 20-047 menu. The scanner’s dedicated Service search allows you to search commonly used public safety frequencies, civilian and military air frequencies, and amateur radio frequencies.

Hit 20-0447 – keep track of how many transmissions are received for each object type. Last updated January 28, You may be able to find others on radio shack 20-047 web but RS is convenient so you can buy it and radio shack 20-047 it back in the same day if you don’t like it.

The Favorites List is scan list 21 and the Skywarn List 22 when selecting lists in the menus. Wx -P indicates weather priority is on 4th Line Scan Lists that are enabled for scan will appear.

Press F1 Done to exit. Those entries that say System Voice: You can’t select this list to scan.

Scans the Favorites only scan list. Controls whether the Alert LED flashes or remains on solid at the beginning of each transmission or anytime the 2-047 stops on the ID while radio shack 20-047. If you know the fleet map by name, E1P1, E1P2, etc. When set to ‘ On ‘, instantly compensates for low user audio levels that are common on digital systems.

See also ID Formats. Select each letter by pressing the corresponding number key below each letter 2 for AB ,or C. To properly trunk a Type I system, you have to program the fleet map for the system. You can find a chart showing Decimal and AFS equivalents here: When set to ‘ On ‘, applies 20 dB of radio shack 20-047 to the object.

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