Parts List as useful Sectional Drawings. All cash bills are below 2 Lakh. Parts as Exploded Component Drawings. Marked either or rpm top speed. Operating and Maintenance Manual with electrical and hydraulic schematics. May 25, at 2:

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A complete data pack for the machine. Included is a copy of the maker’s original Sales and Specification Catalog. Excellent 64 page book titled “Getting the Most out of Lihk Lathe” – covers all the elements of Woodturning from the s link sl 61a to the advanced with chapters on basic metal turning and linl. Installation and Maintenance of the older cast-iron body type motors. Includes 2 detailed Hydraulic and Electrical schematics.

Explanatory Booklet illustrating typical Gardener Disc Grinder jobs. Installation, Programming and Maintenance Manual. Thanks for this very useful and relevant thread.

English and German Text. Operating and Maintenance Instructions with Electrical Schematics. This is the older model with two levers on top of the headstock and one on the front face. This is a less-than-perfect copy but still readable and useful. Two Large Erection and Foundation drawings. A very useful publication to be used in conjunction with the Operating Manuals that illustrates all the fitments made for these lathes.

A full manual for the Minor and Minorette. Includes details of both the later 6-speed and earlier 4-speed versions together with a factory issue page “Electrical System” bulletin for the late FB2.

Instruction Manual including the maker’s Sales Literature. Not a manual but a detailed “Technical” Sales and Specification and Specification Catalogue that contains useful operating data, charts and details of the complete accessory range and how to mount it – includes two additional separate Sales and Specification s link sl 61a Specification sheets.

Detailed Instruction Manual with Electrical schematics. Boxford Lathe Manual as s link sl 61a comprehensive Data Pack. Includes 2 electrical schematics. Includes a wiring diagram of the rear of s link sl 61a control panel. Includes a copy of the maker’s Technical Specification, Sales and Accessories catalogue.

Please e-mail for details. Erecting, Maintenance, Operating Manual. An interesting Works Booklet showing examples of Models and other projects by amateurs demonstrating the versatility and capacity of the Flat and Round-bed lathes.

Service Manual with 75 pages plus 29 pages of Sectional Drawings. The text of the manual is in English, French and German s link sl 61a the catalogue text is German.

Arrows Across America- concrete arrows

The literature includes a copy of the first Triumph Operation and Parts Manual originally in A5 format and the later A4 edition covering all models from first to last including the later single-slot safety apron types and all gearbox variants – Standard, Dominion and S link sl 61a – as well as the rarer 3rd-shaft control and Hydraulic-copying models. Universal Combined 3-spindle centring, Drilling and Threading Attachment: Includes Maintenance Guide for Variable-speed drive unit.

You may have learned about the s link sl 61a arrows on the TV show “What On Earth”, that we did a segment for, if you haven’t seen it check you local listings as it is in re-runs all the time. Manuals may be available.

Explanatory Booklet, which details the principles, which must be adhered to for successful operation of a Tool and Cutter Grinder. Spare Parts as Detailed Sectional Drawings. Catalogue and basic Maintenance Manual. Detailed Operating Instruction Manual for both the single and twin-belt types.

Includes a copy s link sl 61a the English Sales Catalogue. Includes operating and maintenance instructions for the variable delivery hydraulic pump, Supplementary Instructions for the hydraulic system and instructions for the lever-operated wedges.

Whilst the ordinary manual has just 8 pages this is a complete data pack consisting of 61 pages. Operator’s Instruction Manual and Wiring diagram.

Operator’s Instruction Manual and Clear descriptions of the advantages of “point relieving” and “point thinning”. Both the dial-selector and lever-selector models are covered – though not all styles of body casting are shown – these varying with the particular machine to which they were fitted.

Instructions, Electrical Diagrams and Parts. Marked either or rpm top s link sl 61a. This represents a complete data set for the machine.

To improve clarity, many of the drawings have been scanned individually at s link sl 61a resolution are blown up to fill a whole page. As a complete background guide to these lathes and how they function, this is the most complete publication ever issued.

Maintenance Manual with large Electrical and Hydraulic Schematics. Operating and Maintenance Manual with electrical and hydraulic sll.

Operator’s Instruction and Maintenance manual with many useful sectional drawings. That will be sufficient and reasonable cause for avoiding penalty if any.

Instruction Book with Illustrated Parts Manual. Service Manual and Operator’s Instruction Manual 23 pages.

Detailed page Service manual and parts manual showing every aspect of the machine and its Accessories. This lathe was sold in the UK as the Colchester Student Operator’s Instruction and Maintenance Manuals including several large s link sl 61a schematics.

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