Keith November 10, I had a problem like that last week. Had a friend who works for Dell come and check it out to see what I could be missing. Try reconnecting the video cable just in case. Do you know what this part is called. Make sure the LCD cable is properly connected to the motherboard. I accidentally dropped something on my laptop and the screen got messed up so I bought a new one and replaced it now it works but now it looks like has multiple screens.

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Remove the keyboard and reconnect the cable.

Thanks a bunch, really appreciate. Iam completely stumped tbh after building machines in the past sony vaio pcg-7t1l the odd repairs never come across anything like this before.

Do you know what this part is called. I ordered a new screen and think I installed it correctly but the display is extremely dark.

I know the new screen sony vaio pcg-7t1l good. Your description sounds like a sony vaio pcg-7t1l screen. I am sick of this bulky monitor and would like nothing more than a fully functioning laptop! I will look for that as well if I can find it. Did you get any image on the undamaged part of the cracked screen? It gets very hot at times near the top left corner of the device and has even occassionally shut itself off.

Imie November 7, Monitors work fine with the laptop. Im sure the screen i compatible. Im happy to sony vaio pcg-7t1l the whole lot: Disconnect the LCD screen cable from the motherboard and test your laptop with an external monitor. Mario January 11, Unfortunately I sent the new screen back already.

First i want to sony vaio pcg-7t1l everybody else if you are replacing a screen be careful do not touch that area. User told me that it vio like the computer was starting but nothing appeared pcg-7tl1 screen.

If the original screen lights song, apparently the new screen has defective backlight lamp. How badly the pin is damaged? If you did, can you install the cracked screen back and see if sony vaio pcg-7t1l image is still there?

Sony vaio pcg-7t1l after I installed the new one, I am still having some issues on the display. While trying to get the pictures for my supplier, I believe I ruined the driver board-to-lcd connection.

New screen installed but not working

Is there something else that could be wrong with my laptop? Is there more that determines compatibility than this?

gaio It was purchased from eTech. Aside from the replacement being bad, is there anything else that could be wrong? Again that required opening up the laptop. Shan April sony vaio pcg-7t1l, So not sure if the LCD is really compatible. You can straighten bent pins with a very small screwdriver.

New screen installed but not working | Laptop Repair

I also connected my old one back it still works just got a vsio crack everything sony vaio pcg-7t1l fineā€¦. So I went ahead and replaced both inverters as well. Amir April 11, I installed it loose and booted the computer. Or are there any other suggestions to make this work besides finding the exact LCD model to replace it with?

The new screen has no mounting holes for the inverter bracket at the bottom and upper screen sony vaio pcg-7t1l back plate bracket at the top.

On the following sony vaio pcg-7t1l you can see how the screen connected to the laptop. Any ideas or possible problems? My laptop starts up OK. Jim September 28, It sounds like the LCD screen was damaged too.

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