Your description sounds more like the LCD screen failure to me. Again, is this true? So I am assuming it is either the inverter or the panel its not the video card because an external monitor works just fine. This Jack is for use with AC adapter tips that are 4. Sounds like either a bad cable or LCD problem. Salvaged a laptop that I was told, by a repair shop, would need a new screen and be more expensive than a new laptop.

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Do you know if I can simply upgrade mine by changing out the LCD display and inverter and any sequential drivers?

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ645

Regular Windows just will not boot up when the blue wony appear — normal startup just gives a black screen followed by sony vgn nr498e restart after some period of time. When I opened the screen, I found only the wires going on in the mother board side from hinges side.

If yes, is the procedure similar to that of the one you have posted. Kevin Manotham, OK, if I understand correctly, let me restate your problem. Could they be someplace sony vgn nr498e and exactly what do those rubber plugs look like?

No puedo instalar driver en windows 7 [Resuelto]

John, The cooling fan is buried deep inside the laptop. What does hold the LCD panel sony vgn nr498e the body? Would you like to log yourself in?

Have vgn-szp and screen become realy dark. Basically, the screen goes dark, even though I can still see the display if I use a flashlight. HI, Thank you very much for this demo. Picture is very dim but visible right from sony vgn nr498e start. Thanks again osny your time.

I opened it up and reseated video cable on both ends I think — still vertical lines. Song am using Sony VGN-SZ model laptop and my problem sony vgn nr498e my laptop is turning off automatically all though sony vgn nr498e charging is full enough to run. A wrong screen might fry the motherboard. I have had several people tell me this screen has no inverter and they have tried to sell me a bulb. I know the system still works because i sony vgn nr498e hear the start up sounds.

With our help, your equipment will function properly! If soby video works fine, your problem could be related to one of the following: Upon start nr498w there is one Long, and 2 short beeps.

The screen is really dim, and plugged into an external monitor works well. I am in netherlands and everything cost hell except sun and air.

I do nit really have the model above VGN A XP but your tip on sony vgn nr498e to find the screws for the display really helped. L, D, D, D Note: You have to be careful when replacing the screen on a Sony laptop.

Could be connection related issue. Please let me know what to do…. I have got sony vgn nr498e vaio vgn AB laptop and after a gentle knock the bottom third of the lcd screen is white horizontal white stripe.

Assuming the port is the same, is it possible in term sony vgn nr498e motherboard power or graphic card power or of whatever reason that I do not know of. Also I was told that if I do not have 6v out of the inverter, I should check the input to the inverter to see if it is vgj. Mine does not have this.

Got the screen on my SZN off in 10 minutes. Someone told me the chipset is the cause of that and if true what can i do sny fix it any idea will help. I was looking through your guide and it sony vgn nr498e really great, but it seems like my laptop is a little different from the one in the picture above.

I replaced the screen but it is not lighting up. Colour is splashing on pictures. You can remove the faulty screen, find the LCD model number on the back and google it. Thanks for the step by step instruction. By the way, did you have a chance to test the laptop with an external monitor?

Hi, Sony vgn nr498e szn has a problem with the backlight. This is for the DC Jack only, you will need to reuse your existing harness cable. O ur web store is focused to serve both the professional repair technicians and the end users. I have a vgn-szp that the dog knocked of the coffee table. However, I sony vgn nr498e pretty bad fan noise.

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Tested the video card using an external monitor, beautiful picture. I have a vaio szn. Sony vgn nr498e I replace the whole screen? It also makes intense fan noises, and when i tilt it to the side its u can hear the fan randomly cutting something sonj. S9, S10, S10E, M Something else is wrong. Melissa check guide at http: Thanks in advance for your response!

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