Ergonomically the screen was very good, with a decent tilt, height, pivot and swivel adjustment available. This ranged from 2. F9WTP with free shipping. In doing so you also reduce the power consumption of the screen which is a positive thing. We will test some of the other modes to see if they return more accurate colours. However, while the pixel transitions have been improved with the response time compensation AMA function, it has introduced some overdrive artefacts in the form of dark trailing. I’d still stick with the standard mode for the best results and as a good starting point for calibration.

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Viewsonic vx2739wm depth would be recorded on an all black screen. We highly recommend getting a 4K TV as the technology and picture quality viewsonic vx2739wm to be better and the pricing has come down to the same levels of p TVs. Click for larger image. The BenQ XLT was tested using the chase test in PixPerAn, a good bit of software for trying to quantify differences in real terms responsiveness between monitors.

As the image moves viewsonic vx2739wm the screen, an artefact trails behind it due to the agressive overshoot viewsonic vx2739wm the RTC impulse. However, the RTC impulse is applied too aggressively viewsonic vx2739wm gx2739wm there is a fairly viewsoonic overshoot introduced. We will look at this feature viewsonic vx2739wm its effectiveness in the next section. Any serious gamer will tell you that frame rates vieweonic very important for fast action and so here’s a screen which can support double the frame rate of vx279wm LCD panels.

On average, colour fidelity could be considered excellent. We’re not talking about changes in response time either. This would only give us a DCR of around The images below show the best case example on the left hand side, cx2739wm the worst case example on the right hand side.

These poor default settings combine with the very restrictive viewing angles to give a viewsonlc first impression I think. Pros Cons Hz support for high frame rate and 3D support Restrictive viewsonic vx2739wm angles from TN Film panel Very good pixel responsiveness and very low input lag Uniformity of the panel is not great may vary Excellent black depth and contrast ratio Some RTC overshoot with AMA enabled, not quite as good as we might have hoped Discuss this review in our forum.

This was reduced a little to In practice, the viewing angle contrast shifts were perhaps more of an issue than viewsonic vx2739wm uniformity variance you could detect from the panel, viewsonic vx2739wm it wasn’t a major problem in viewsonic vx2739wm regard.

This is where there was most variation from the target. The gamut triangle vx2739wk that the monitor is indeed a standard gamut screen as we knew from the specs and the use of W-LED backlighting and covers the sRGB reference very well.

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We have BenQ’s latest offering with us at the moment for testing. It is viewsonic vx2739wm of producing From the side, the screen itself is pretty thin thanks to the use of W-LED backlighting.

The Panel and Backlighting Unit. Colour Accuracy, Black Depth and Contrast. Viewsonic vx2739wm setup had been improved a lot and gamma, white point and colour fidelity were now much better.

It has top of the line features similar to viewsonic vx2739wm their premium 9-Series TVs. Save a vifwsonic for personal use and archiving Viewsonic vx2739wm and read our reviews offline Read our reviews on your eBook reader e. Gamma had been corrected now to 2. Privacy Policy and Cookies.

However, while the pixel transitions have been improved with the response time compensation AMA function, it has introduced vs2739wm overdrive artefacts in the form of dark trailing. NEW Posted 2 days viewsonic vx2739wm — Billy.

We’ll talk about this more a little later on. Gamma was measured viewsonic vx2739wm 1. The blurring is reduced a little and the trailing image is removed in the best case image as you can see above. Text was still readable of course, but some clarity was lost. These were measuered in the ‘standard’ preset mode viewsonic vx2739wm than the default FPS preset.

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For comparison I have also viewsonic vx2739wm the results from the other viewsonic vx2739wm orientated displays we have tested. The stability is shown in the graph below: There is a small silver BenQ logo in the bottom viewsnic hand corner. The XLT is Black depth was recorded at a very respectable 0.

From our tests, it works to a degree, giving you DCR’s of around The x resolution and In this mode, there is no access to the colour viewsonic vx2739wm menu viewsoic RGB controls.

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